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A different way to communicate with your environment


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Spotbros is a new communication tool that helps you stay in contact with your friends and makes it easy for you to share any image, video, or audio file.

But the application's most interesting feature is that it allows you to send a message to any fellow user in your proximity. For example, you could ask the app for a restaurant recommendation near your location, and other users nearby could answer.

Naturally, the application takes the privacy of its users seriously, so you can activate and deactivate your location, or just limit it in general, if you so choose.

Spotbrows is a communication tool with everything an app like it should have: user groups, status updates, file sharing, and much more. And all of this from an intuitive interface.
By Molly Lincoln

The application will communicate to all of your Whatsapp contacts that you're using it, unless you tell it not to.